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What do photons, electrons, atoms, cells, humans, earths, solar systems, galaxies and Universes have in common?

What are black holes and do they really exist in nature?

What is the relationship between light, space, matter and time?

What are fractals and how do they fit into this cosmological puzzle?

The OM Particle is an attempt to answer all these questions, and more, through the eyes of the fractal paradigm.

What is the meaning of life?

Does free will exist?

What are OM Particles? (see first question)


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The OM Particle

by Lori Gardi


Fractal Cosmological Principle


Every point in space and time is different.

Every point in both space and time is unique and special.


The OM Particle is an expose on the fractal nature life, the Universe and everything that combines scientific, philosophical and spiritual thought into a simple, cohesive and universal framework. The OM Particle brings the fractal paradigm to the forefront of cosmology and the study of the Universe as a Whole.

Question: What do you mean by "fractal paradigm"?

Answer: The fractal paradigm is a paradigm shift in the way we look at the Universe. In a fractal universe, fractals are not the exception, they are the rule. We use to think the world was flat. We were wrong. We use to think the stars orbited the earth. We were wrong. The Universe is not flat; the Universe is not round; the Universe is a fractal.

The fractal paradigm says:

* Fractals are important.

* Fractals have meaning.

* Fractals are the source of all the laws of physics.

* Fractals are both senders and receivers of these laws.

* Fractals are everything, and everywhere.

* The fractal paradigm is all inclusive.

There is no "OR" in a fractal universe. The fractal paradigm is:

* Fractal AND Homogeneous.

* Expanding AND Contracting AND Stable.

* Complex AND Simple.

* Similar AND Different".

We are each an important piece of the fractal cosmological puzzle in ever changing, never ending fractal OMniverse.


Be a part of the ButterflyEffect

Embrace the Fractal Paradigm






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